What Is Shooto?

Shooto, also known as Shoot Wrestling, combines punching, kicking, throwing, and submissions in a dynamic martial art offering the best of many traditional martial arts. Shooto's founder, Satoru Sayama, incorporated techniques from Muay Thai, Catch-As-Catch-Can wrestling, Russian Sambo, and Japanese Judo to create "a totally combative sport martial art." Shooto was one of the first true mixed martial arts systems, with amateur matches starting in 1986 and professional matches in 1989. Some of today's top names in MMA can trace their roots back to Shooto.

The USA Shooto Association, founded by Yorinaga Nakamura, is based in Marina del Rey, Califorina. Sensei Nakamura was the first Welterweight Shooto Champion, winning four matches in a row in one day, with three by submission and one by decision in June, 1986. He is the highest ranked Shooto instructor worldwide as certified by Satoru Sayama.

USA Shooto Association Founder and Head Instructor

According to the legendary martial artist Dan Inosanto, a Senior Shooter under Sensei Nakamura:

"I feel that training in Shoot Wrestling would be beneficial to any martial artist and that it would greatly enhance the valuable knowledge and skill needed for self-defense. It is in the area of precise submission locking that Shoot Wrestling excels. Shoot Wrestling teaches practitioners to flow from one submission lock to another on the ground. Shoot Wrestlers also learn to move fluently between kicking, punching and throwing ranges into ground submission locking and finishing holds."

Watch Sensei Nakamura in action on YouTube.

Satoru Sayama, Shooto Founder