December 2018 Update

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Hello everyone. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It's been about two and half years since I went into the hospital and had emergency surgery. The survival rate for the aortic dissection that affected me is under 5% and getting through the surgery was itself was a small miracle. But even beyond that, there were many things that day that were very fortunate for me. From the cab that happened by at the exact right moment to the team of specialist doctors that just happened to be there for another surgery, everything went my way. Today I still am reminded again and again how fortunate I have been not just on that day, but every day since.

All your support has enabled me and my family to recover and go on pursuing our lives and passion for the martial arts. I have been truly blessed by all the people who have helped in so many ways. Your help with donations from around the world, including students both recent and from long ago, friends, and even many people I have never met, made a huge difference for us. Thank-you again for all you have done for me and my family.

I am visiting the doctor regularly now for scheduled check ups. So far, everything has been good and the checkups will become less frequent now that it has been a while with no signs of trouble.

Hiromi, Mikomi and I are thriving here in Tokyo even though we miss California and all our friends there. Unfortunately, I cannot travel long distances, especially by plane. The surgery repaired two tears in my aorta, but a third that could not be fully repaired remains. So although I cannot travel too far, I am very happy that many of you have come to visit us here in Tokyo.

Of course, I have adjusted my diet and reluctantly toned down my exercise regimen in keeping with doctor's recommendations. With steady progress over the last few years, I have been able to resume teaching on a regular basis and I feel good. Sometimes my students tell me they would never have known I had a problem.

While I have to be careful not to exert myself too much, I have to keep training because a bird is not a bird if it can't fly, a fish is not a fish if it can't swim, and a martial artist is not a martial artist if they do not train.

Let's walk on together!

Yorinaga Nakamura

“SATORU SAYAMA’s INTRODUCTION TO SHOOTING / THE WAY OF SHOOTO / Revised and Augmented Edition” the world’s first technical MMA book re-published after 30 years.

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The new edition features 8 pages of all-new supplements and is limited to just 1,000 copies.

Today MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is one of the most popular sports around the entire world but most people are unaware that it originated in Japan 33 years ago.

In 1985, before the phrase “Mixed Martial Arts” was coined, “SHOOTING” (now known as “SHOOTO”) fighting contests invented by Sensei Satoru Sayama, well known as the original Tiger Mask, marked the true beginning of MMA.

SHOOTO combines the essence of every fighting sport: boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, sambo, etc. Written in 1986 before the Internet and YouTube, “SATORU SAYAMA’s INTRODUCTION TO SHOOTING” became the bible of young people seeking strength and fighting expertise. It was the definitive technical manual covering practical and universal techniques for striking, throwing and submission.

Sensei Yorinaga Nakamura (President of USA SHOOTO ASSOCIATION) appears in many of the photos as the demo partner with Sensei Satoru Sayama for submissions and other techniques. He also shows the stretches, body weight training, etc. In addition, he was involved in all of the illustrations. 

This revised and augmented edition contains 8 pages including coverage of the core ideas behind SHOOTO and a portrait photo of founder Sensei Satoru Sayama. Additionally, Mr. Kenta Tazaki, the author of “True Theory / Satoru Sayama” (2018), contributes a special column “Why Is Sayama a Genius?”

This new edition, “SATORU SAYAMA’s INTRODUCTION TO SHOOTING / THE WAY OF SHOOTO / Revised and Augmented Edition” was designed and published under the direction by Sensei Yorinaga Nakamura. General sales begins July 31, 2018.

Advance sales will be available at the Professional Shooto Kourakuen Hall Competition on Sunday, July 15th. Everyone who purchases on the event day will receive a special bonus poster of “SATORU SAYAMA’s INTRODUCTION TO SHOOTING”.

This book is a complete reprint of the historical work that is the world's first MMA technical document. This is a very limited edition of just 1,000 copies. To ensure you don’t miss out, please purchase as soon as possible at Kourakuen Hall!

See the techniques that make this the true masterpiece of Sensei Satoru Sayama for yourself and own a piece of history!

Harlan Hugh Promoted to Class-B Shooter

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On June 16, 2018, Harlan Hugh was promoted to Class-B Shooter. He has been teaching USA Shooto classes at the Inosanto Academy for 10 years. See the full announcement here.

Junichi Okada Promoted to Class-C Shooter

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On June 7th, 2017, Junichi Okada was promoted to Class-C Shooter. He has been training for 10 years under Sensei Yori as a private student. Congratulations! Read more here.

New "Student Instructor" Promotion

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On May 7th, Hiroshi Shinagawa, successfully completed the ranking test for Advanced Student 2, Student Instructor. See the announcement here.

Yori Nakamura Fundraising Workshop - Feb 21, 2016

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Shooto Workshop - May 31, 2015

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Yori Nakamura is a world-renowned martial artist known for his technical precision, skill and teaching capabilities. He is the highest ranked instructor as certified by Shooto's Founder, Satoru Sayama. He is also the founder of Vale Tudo Japan and president of the USA Shooto Association. His students include champion professional fighters, movie stars and other respected martial artists around the world.

Shooto encompasses striking, takedowns and submissions. It is best known for its speed and lock-flow combinations, which Sensei Nakamura himself created from the techniques taught to him by Satoru Sayama. The first Shooto MMA tournament was held in 1986 (7 years before UFC 1) where Sensei Nakamura won the championship in the 66kg weight division.

Shooto Workshop - January 11, 2015

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Shooto Workshop
Sensei Yori Nakamura

Sunday, January 11th, 2015
10:00 am to 1:00 PM
Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts
13348-13352 Beach Ave.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

This is a rare opportunity to see and learn directly from one of the most precise and renowned no-gi grapplers whose students include champion professional fighters and respected martial artists around the world. Shooto encompasses striking, takedowns, and submissions. It is well known for its speed and lock-flow combinations, which Sensei Nakamura himself created from the techniques taught to him by Satoru Sayama, Shooto's founder.

Don't miss your chance to see and learn these exciting techniques from the definitive authority!

Shooto 30th Anniversary

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This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Shooto! Sensei Nakamura went to Japan for this special occasion, where he was one of the featured speakers. He also brought his personal collection of Shooto gloves. The evolution of Shooto gloves showcases the innovation that the organization has contributed to competitive martial arts over the years.



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